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Is Tree Removal Expensive?

Removing a tree from your property is a big task on your own. Hiring a company to take care of the issue is easy, but the cost of such a project depends on several factors including where you live. A place like Kennett Square may be less expensive than somewhere like Los Angeles. If you’re in Pennsylvania, you may want to consider a Kennett Square tree removal service to take care of your issue.

The typical price range of tree removal in the United States ranges from $385 to $1,070. That comes out to about $10-$14 per foot. Depending on the tree, prices could actually reach as high as $2,000 for removal.

Why such a big range in cost? There are several factors to consider with tree removal. The height of the tree has the most significant impact on the cost of the overall project. Removal of larger trees poses more safety hazards and risks. It will also require special equipment for climbing to cut down and remove tall trees.

You can expect to pay at least $250 for a small tree which is defined by a height of up to 30 feet. Trees that are 30-60 feet usually run between $300-$700 and anything bigger than 60 feet could foot you a bill of between $700-$1,900. The diameter of the tree plays a role after the tree has been cut down because it determines how many different sections the tree will need to be cut into for easy removal. Obviously, a thicker diameter means more time cutting which means more money.

Tree size is more important, but tree type does play a small role in the cost. Determining the type of tree that needs to be removed can help give an estimate of how tall the mature tree is for cost evaluation. Palm and Oak trees average around $750 for removal while Pine and Maple can end up costing around $1,000.

Another factor on cost is whether the tree is standing or has fallen to the ground. A fallen tree has fewer safety hazards and therefore the cost is usually cheaper. Fallen tree removal can range from $85-$300 on average.

Accessibility can cause a substantial uptick to your removal bill. If the tree is in an inaccessible area it can potentially increase the price by up to %50. A standing tree in the yard is much safer than a tree near your house, power lines, or other structures. The dynamics of what surrounds the tree can cause significant safety risks which boosts the price due to the difficulty of removal.

Tree removal services also will take out the stump for an average price between $175-$515. Most homeowners across the country pay about $330 for stump removal. There are other secondary costs such as debris removal and yard clean-up if you choose to go that route.

Depending on how rural your location is, it’s possible you will be outside the tree specialist’s service area. The distance a contractor needs to travel will be added to the overall cost of the project. This could be between $50-$100.

Tree removal sometimes can be covered by insurance if it damages your house due to a windstorm, lightning, or other events. It is wise to have your trees inspected after major storms to make sure they aren’t likely to fall over and cause damage.

Some other factors with the potential to impact the cost of the tree removal could be more than one truck, emergency removal, tree angle, or even death and decay of the tree.

You can always do it yourself. Equipment could run you up to $425 and some cities require a homeowner to obtain a permit before removing a tree from their property. For larger trees, the safe route seems to be to hire a trained professional. It’s a safe investment especially if you don’t have much experience.