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Hair drug testing is becoming an increasingly popular method of testing for drugs and alcohol. You are probably wondering exactly what hair this type of testing is, the benefits of it and who uses it. If you are, then read on because this article will provide you with useful information about hair drug testing.

What Is Hair Drug Testing
Hair drug testing is exactly what it sounds like. It is a drug test that involves the hair shaft being analyzed for drugs. One of the reasons hair drug tests are recommended is because they have a great resistant to evasion. This means it is hard for subjects to fake a hair drug test. It also means they cannot simply stay away from drug use for a few days in order to pass it.

What happens is you arrive at your drug testing appointment. Once there, you will be seen by a professional who will take a few hair samples, and then they will analyze it. The process is similar to a urine test, but you are providing hair samples instead of urine samples. As for how long it takes to receive results, this depends on a number of factors. Generally speaking, it is a fast process.

Who Uses Hair Drug Testing
Corporations, both small and large, uses drug tests to screen applicants. One of the most sought after tests is a hair drug test because of how accurate it is. Not only do companies request this type of drug test, but so do schools and courts. In fact, hair drug tests are becoming increasingly popular for programs such as parole, probation and diversionary. Corporations love testing for drugs via hair samples because of how accurate they are. Not only that, but it is cost effective for companies to use this form of testing.

What Drugs Can Be Detected Via Hair Strands
Generally speaking, any drug that can be detected via other forms of drug testing can be tested via a hair drug test. For example, hair strands can be tested to find out if cocaine, heroin, morphine and other types of opiates are present in the system or have been taken fairly recently. Marijuana, ecstasy, and methamphetamine can also be tested.

Advantages Of Hair Drug Testing
The main benefit of hair drug tests is how superior they are compared to other types of testing. As previously mentioned, hair drug testing is extremely accurate. However, another benefit is the wider time frame that it can detect drugs. For example, if a person does a drug a few weeks before doing a urine test, then it may not show up in the test. However, it may show up in a hair follicle/strand test. Many people believe that hair drug testing is superior to urine tests, as well as blood and saliva.

Corporations that opt for this form of drug testing will be getting peace of mind knowing that the candidates they hire are free of drugs. Drug abuse can cause companies a lot of money in insurance and liability.

How To Beat Hair Drug Testing
Beating a hair drug test is extremely difficult. The only way to do it guaranteed is to not do drugs or the substances that you are being tested for. As previously mentioned, this form of testing is hard to evade. Also, keep in mind that it may be illegal to evade a drug test of any kind, including hair drug testing and urine testing.

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Other Information
It’s important to note that hair drug testing may not just involve taking strands of hair from the head. In fact, some labs test body hair too, especially in the case that the subject doesn’t have any hair on their head.

Now you know more about hair drug testing and who uses it and why they use it over other forms of drug testing. As previously mentioned, the best way to beat any drug test is to stay away from drugs in the first place. If you have a drug test coming up in the future, then it’s in your best interest to stop using drugs altogether.