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Hair drug testing is often used for job applicants and for those whose jobs require random testing. The reason hair testing is used, is that it’s believed to be more accurate than urine drug testing, especially for THC. Another reason hair testing is used, is because it’s more convenient for many companies and does not require any special handling like urine samples do. Because many people are concerned about hair drug testing, they have developed some methods thought to rid the hair and follicles of any THC traces or traces of other substances. One of the products often recommended, is Nexxus Aloe Rid shampoo for hair follicle drug tests.

Many people fear hair testing, because they believe it to be more accurate and highly sensitive. Some people claim it can detect traces of THC in the hair weeks or even months after a person has smoked, even in small amounts. Others claim they can clean the hair and follicles even if they have smoked THC recently, resulting in a clean or negative drug test. There are so many claims from products on the market, it can be difficult to know which treatments may work. Nexxus Aloe Rid shampoo is one of the products people recommend, even when used alone or without harsh chemical treatments.

Myths surrounding hair follicle drug testing

To understand whether these products will work, it helps to dispel some myths about hair follicle drug testing. The first myth is that it’s easy to cheat on such a test. While people claim they can, there are many factors that will influence test results, such as frequency and amount of use, the number of day per week used, metabolism, weight, and hair type. It has been suggested that thin, straight hair works best when special shampoos and cleansers are used.

Another misconception is that companies only test back as far as 30 days. This is not the case today. Many of the newer follicle tests can detect THC and other drug residues for up to 90 days, depending on usage. So, even if the company says it can only test for the prior 30 days, this may not be the case. More sensitive tests will not be able to provide a definite date or time period of use. It’s best to stay away if you have an upcoming job interview or know your company will be testing soon.

Another myth is that there are special shampoos or clean up methods that will eliminate traces of THC. While these products haven’t been scientifically tested to work, people claim they do. Many times, people who make such claims have either used other products along with the shampoos or simply have forgotten the actual dates of their last use. It is entirely possible that people who claim special products or shampoos work simply have different metabolisms than those less fortunate, who have lost their jobs or good job offers due to positive test results.

People who believe they have used special shampoos, like Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo for hair follicle drug tests may simply be lucky. They may not have as much THC remaining in their bodies as they think. Most people don’t test themselves prior to an official test, so there’s really no way of knowing if special shampoos or treatments have any effect on hair follicle testing.

Some people believe exposure to second-hand THC smoke can result in a false positive. While this many have been true of the older types of tests, new tests check the follicles, rather than hair shafts. So, the drugs affect hair follicles from within the body, rather that from the outside. Going to a party or Rock concert where there’s plenty of THC smoke should not affect the results of the hair follicle drug test.

How are hairs used for testing?

Typically, only the first inch and a half from the follicle are used for drug testing. A lab should not be using any other portion of the hair for testing. If possible, it may be reassuring to watch the lab technician throw the rest of the hair strand away.

If a person is bald, hair from other parts of the body can be used. Some people believe hairs from other parts of the body will hold the THC residue longer because it stops growing at a certain point. The only way to completely avoid a positive hair test is to either abstain for several months or shave every hair from your body. Before taking a hair follicle test, find out what other users say about Nexxus Aloe Rid shampoo.