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When You Need a Specialist

When Do I Need A Mold Removal Pro?

Mold can grow on any surface if the conditions are right, whether in Salt Lake City or any where else. The good news is that mold removal is not difficult, and you don’t need to call a professional for every job. But if the problem has persisted for more than two weeks or has spread over an area of more than 10 square feet, you will probably want to hire a Salt Lake City mold removal professional.

Here are some other signs that it may be time to call in the professionals:

1. Extensive mold growth
If there are many molds, it will take several days to clean up the affected area. It may be best to hire a professional mold removal service. It is also good to hire a professional if the number of affected areas involves more than one room.

2. Mold issues in the air:
If mold is being pushed into your air system, you will have to contact a service that specializes in duct cleaning and mold removal. This type of project is best left to professionals because they have specialized equipment to prevent potential damage with proper precautions.

3. Odors
If there are hazardous odors from the mold, you should probably call a professional for health and legal reasons. In most cases, all that is needed for small growth areas is good ventilation and time for the spores to die down naturally since not all molds produce odor or fumes.

4. Toxic mold
If you have a serious infestation of toxic mold, your health needs to call in professionals immediately. This type of mold can cause respiratory problems. Depending on the severity of the growth, you could be at risk for long-term health effects even if the acute problem has been taken care of by removing or repairing water sources that led to extensive growth. On top of being dangerous to your health, many states’ laws require that walls containing black mold be completely removed and replaced due to toxins released directly into indoor air during removal or when exposed to moisture after cleaning. You should also leave this task up to professionals if there are any health risks involved with exposure because they are trained in handling hazardous materials.

5. Walls, floors, or carpets
If you have an extensive wall or floor mold growth, the entire affected area will probably need to be removed and replaced. Large areas of carpet can sometimes be vacuumed if it is not wet, but if there are visible signs of mold stains on the carpet backing, then replacement of the carpet is the only option that makes sense. This type of problem may require a professional for both health reasons and legal liability issues if someone becomes ill from exposure after cleanup has begun. When dealing with these types of problems, hiring an experienced professional service usually means prompt service with full warranties on all work done to make sure your home or office stays safe for you.

6. If you have a serious illness:
In most cases, an ill person from mold exposure will experience flu-like symptoms such as fever, chills, and tiredness. Suppose you have a weakened immune system or a disease that prohibits your body from fighting off fungus or bacteria growth. In that case, it is important to call in professionals when dealing with growing molds.

7. Property damage
Suppose there has been property damage due to water intrusion or flooding for any reason. In that case, you should probably hire a professional cleanup service whether visible mold has appeared or not. This is because they are trained to deal with problems caused by moisture which can lead to serious structural problems if left untreated over an extended period of time. This type of damage is not always visible from the surface, so it can lead to serious mold problems if allowed to grow over a period of time.

8. Sewer backup
If you have a sewage problem or a sewer backup in your home or office, it would be best to contact a professional for both health and legal reasons and potential structural issues that this type of problem may have caused. Even if there isn’t an odorous smell present, there could still be dangerous organisms growing in dark wet areas where outside air cannot reach. Mold growth doesn’t just come about because of flooding either; persistent moisture due to clogged drainage systems can also cause mold problems even when no water has entered the building itself.

9. If you or a member of your household is immunocompromised
Suppose any members of the household are severely weakened by illness or age. In that case, it is important to hire an experienced professional since, even otherwise, harmless mold can cause serious health problems for some people. In some cases, the person whose immune system is compromised will be allergic to molds that aren’t normally dangerous. This type of problem can also lead to future respiratory issues if allowed to grow over time. The most important thing about hiring a professional service is that they use safe processes and methods when dealing with your indoor air quality issues, as well as wearing proper safety gear such as HEPA filtered negative air machines, so their technicians do not bring harmful spores back into the home on shoes or clothing.

10. If you want peace of mind
If you just want to ensure that your home is mold and fungus-free and you do not have any serious health conditions or allergies, then hiring a professional service can give you this peace of mind. There are several types of mold that are considered “toxic,” and these include some species that can cause neurochemical or neurological problems if they are found growing in high enough concentrations in the air ducts or inside walls. In most cases, however, any type of household mold growth will only become dangerous when it reaches a certain point, so removing it quickly before it spreads is always best for everyone living in the house. Even if there isn’t an immediate risk posed by a certain mold, hiring an experienced professional service means that they will know how to properly disinfect and dehumidify your home, so spores don’t grow back in the future.